Importance Of Family Devotions

08 May

 Family devotions are the time when the family comes together to worship  God  And share in his word.  Family devotions are important because they keep a family together through the regular meetings. A family should set aside specific time whether it is at the beginning of the day or later in the day to have family devotions.  Some people choose to have this devotion on a daily basis while others on a weekly basis. Family devotions can be done using a book which is suitable for family devotions because this will have a guide on what to study.  Other families may choose apps that are for families for their family devotions.  Family members should agree on the best tools to use during family devotion time. They can also change the tools from time to time. The benefits of family devotions are:

Spiritual growth

When a family meets together to have family devotion at, they will grow spiritually as they read the Bible and share what they have learned.  It also encourages family members to meditate on the word of God and this brings a sense of joy and peace.  Family members will also be able to understand scriptures more clearly when they discuss the word and see how to apply it in their life.  They will also become better Christians when they practice what they read.  Family members can also challenge one another in their spiritual walk and this will help them grow to be mature Christians. 


 A family will be more united when they meet together with a common goal.  They will also be able to spend some quality time together on the days that they meet.  Families who don't meet for family devotions may not have time to sit together and share their lives.  When people share their lives in the family devotions, they can pray for one another and strengthen one another. Burdens become lighter when people share what they are going through.  Family members can also show support to one another during difficult times. It may also cause family members to face difficult issues together and discuss them openly.  Family members learn to accept one another with their differences and love one another.  Watch this video at and know more about devotion.


By keeping family devotion times family members can become committed to the word of God.  By developing this commitment they may also learn how to be committed in other areas of their life that are important.  This is because family devotions at may be difficult to keep,  but if one keeps them no matter what,  they will be developing their character because they will become faithful people. When one is committed to family devotions, they will end up becoming a better person through what they learn.

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